About Us

Our Story, so far..


To fuel our passion for travel & adventure, we decided to discover the world. We took the brave decision to leave our country and follow our dreams to explore new places & cultures. From Soth America to Europe we found our origins in Portugal and Italy. In the places we visited we found great joy in the small details & the great diversity of culture and people.


However, Our adventure has only really begun...

Along our travels we have realized how passionate & influenced we have become by the local fashion we had seen, in particular 'men's accessories' and the bag is our absolute favorite thing!


We have come to realize that a great bag is essential & indispensable on our trips and we wanted to make to make these bags available for you and your travels. with this realization 'My Weekend Bag' was born.  The bags reflect our style which we define as vintage with a contemporary flare. We are very passionate about what we do and with my weekend bags we hope to bring style, versatility, trends and fashion into your everyday life.